A Review of Enhanced Online Live Code Editors

A Review of Enhanced Online Live Code Editors

Volume 1 Issue 1 ( July - September ) 2023 OPEN ACCESS


Dr. Neeta Kumari, Dr. Harvir Singh


Web Platform, Code Editor, HTML, CSS, JS


This review paper provides a detailed review of online code editors. This project is based on web platforms and will allows programmers to write, compile and execute code in real time. It explores the different features of editors, including syntax highlighting, customizable user interface and code sharing. It improves the code’s efficiency to improve the quality of code and performance. It gives freedom to run programming language without the need of any platform requirement to run programming language. There are also certain advantage and limitation that comes while using live code editors for programming tasks including convenience, security issues. This paper provides information about various methods used in the development of editors, as well as their future work. It gives valuable resources for researchers interested in using live code editors. The main features available in our project are workspaces for writing, executing and building source code and a real-time result. This program supports Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) programming languages.

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